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Windows Phone 7: The Future?

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Last year when Windows Phone 7 was officially launched to the public, many predicted that it was going to be simply too little too late for the software powerhouse. Breaking into a booming smartphone market dominated by Apple, Android and Blackberry was never going to be easy, and while they appear to have done a lot of things right, it still can’t perform some of the most standard smartphone tasks, like tethering.

CNET’s early review of the platform over various phones was overly positive, but reinforced this same view.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling that Windows Phone 7 is missing some very fundamental features, like copy/paste, third-party multitasking, and universal search. In the past, competitors like Apple were lambasted by the public for not having such features, so you’d think Microsoft would take precautions not to repeat such mistakes. We understand some sacrifices had to be made in order to meet the holiday release deadline and that they’ll eventually be added in a future update, but these are some pretty key and basic features that we would expect to be included out of the gate. Source.

Another major hurdle for WP7 is their app-store situation. With Apple reporting 350,000 and Android 150,000 apps respectively, all Microsoft had to say for itself was that it was after “quality over quantity.” Source. The company has gotten to such a point of desperation, that it has been reported they’ve lifted a moonlighting ban on their programmers, so they can create and retain revenue from WP7 apps. And out of the 3,400 employees who have signed up to Microsoft’s moonlighting deal, only 840 of their apps have been published. Top-tier stuff there.

Instead, Nokia will team up with Microsoft in a “deep partnership” in which each company has a stake in the other’s success. With the software giant’s Windows 7 operating system, Nokia’s hardware expertise and both companies’ suites of programs and applications, the duo will attempt to take on Apple and Google in offering a complete package of hardware, software and third-party applications. Source.

That’s right, mobile giant Nokia and WP7 are soon to be inseparable. Nokia’s new CEO had to take drastic measures to correct the once-dominant company’s nose-diving market share. And rather than using the platforms everyone already knows, Nokia opted to try and create something that would have it’s own unique identity.

Unfortunately not everyone is so confident, with financial market reports indicating a near-collapse in Nokia’s share price in the days following the announcement.

Most recently, the blogs and techrags have been ablaze with frustration, confusion and a general sense of “what the?” This is due to the continual and unjustified delay of the highly-anticipated update to the WP7 platform, with Microsoft issuing an apology, but not an explanation. This is such as source of aggravation for users of the platform, as it would address many of the grievances above.


Written by Clancy Noakes

April 4, 2011 at 1:44 am

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