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In Defence of Smartphones

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Being a smart-phone user, and a fan of the technology behind them, I often find myself trying to sell their merits to friends and anyone that will listen. But, more often than not, I run into the argument that you don’t actually need them. And to be honest, it’s a difficult claim to retort.

So this got me thinking, and I went on a trawl around the internet; looking for some evidence that would help to move smartphones from more of an indulgence to a necessity.

I stumbled across an article discussing the development of both a back-end application and smartphone app that work together in emergency situations to keep effected people updated on evacuation procedure, the location of shelters, first aid centres and everything else you could need in such a situation. It also allows emergency services personnel to track the movement of people using the app, which allows for quicker response times and a more co-ordinated response effort.

The CiviGuard technology in action.

While the application suite is still very much in its infancy, it’s already being hailed as part of the future role that technology will play in disaster recovery efforts.

The "Tiny Flashlight+LED" application for Android OS.

After the utter devastation of the Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster, the developer of the “Tiny Flashlight+LED” application for Android reported to the Phandroid site that in the first few hours after the quake struck, there were in excess of 50,000 downloads of the application. “Tiny Flashlight+LED” allows users to utilise both their screen and camera flash as a torch–     something that would prove invaluable in power outages, and even help those trapped under rubble.



You heard correctly. You can use your HTC as a bullet shield (don’t try it, genius). The incredible story of John Garber is not the first time I’ve heard of a bullet being stopped by a conveniently placed mobile phone. So if you’re the paranoid type, utilise your top pocket.


The battery of Mr. Garber's HTC Droid Incredible, after blocking the stray bullet.


As well as the articles and technologies I’ve referred to above, there are a whole host of other potentially life-saving uses for smartphones that I couldn’t discuss without getting long-winded.

Some the best/most interesting I came across:

Smartphone Helps Man Survive Haiti Earthquake

Blackberry Stops Man Falling to His Death

Life-saving Smartphone Apps

I will from now on be referring to this post in any future argument.


Written by Clancy Noakes

March 28, 2011 at 10:20 am